Gerry Stafford

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Originally a "Sparkie" Gerry is known & loved across Canada, and has been prominent in the Vancouver area mining community for longer than anyone can remember.  His technical capability is only surpassed by his quick wit and eloquent vocabulary, and his ability to offer a refreshing beer at the exact right moment is legendary!

Gaston Tanguay

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Gaston sera heureux de mettre son enthousiasme et son expérience au service de vos projets, petits et gros, de la conception à la mise en marche.

Experienced in bulk material handling applications, Gaston brings his expertise to customers in Eastern Canada with special enthusiasm to ensure excellent operations after commissioning has been completed.  

Fraser Bringeland

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Fraser began his career as a Manufacturer's Representative and is having a great deal of fun being back into the same role.  Some consider him an "Engineer-Wannabe" because he is keen to learn the real 'technical stuff', and while he has been known to crack a smile occasionally, his real passion & determination is to find a way to apply 'Analytics' to an otherwise disorganized profession.

Carmen Bringeland

Responsible to keep order in the 'house', and for Payables and Receivables, Carmen makes sure we stay on track at PacificOra.   Relentless & driven, we'll get it done just because she says we will!